Profile: Bradley Lincoln

Founder of Mix-d:, Age 42. Currently lives in Moss-side Manchester. Born and raised in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Studied: Applied Human Communication at Manchester Met. Self-employed community worker (...and broke).

“I set up Mix-d: formally known as The Mixed Heritage Project, in 2006. Mix-d: is a self-funded social enterprise. Our reason for being is to create a space for people who choose to identify as mixed-race and develop resources for those who wish to be enlightened on the subject.

The aim and purpose of my work was to create a platform for mixed-race discussions and ensure that everyday people had their voice heard. Talking and listening to people is the starting point for this work and making a positive contribution to the subject underpins the development of Mix-d:

I would best describe myself as a mix between an action - researcher / storyteller. Since 2005 I have been listening and recording the stories, voices and opinions of young and old people from mixed-race backgrounds. I have used this engagement to develop a range of resources and media to share the ideas, thoughts and feelings of people I have meet through the project. At Mix-d: we strongly believe in challenging the status quo surrounding mixed-race identity and thinking differently.

We challenge the status quo by ensuring that mixed-race people are included and placed at the centre of mixed-race discussions.

We are not advocating a definitive mixed-race community or forming a separate racial category but our research has concluded that people choosing to identify themselves as mixed-race is steadily on the rise.”