Timeline 1900 – 2022

Pathe film footage of Jamaicans and ‘English girls’

A film/stills entitled ‘English Girls Married to Jamaicans Live Happily in Brixton’ is preserved in the British Pathé archives, selected stills from which are shown here.

Although this black and white film is mute and little is known about its setting other than a street in Brixton, South London, its beautiful and revealing images record mixed race couples happily going about their ordinary lives, caring for their children and sitting down to a meal together: it illustrates the ‘ordinariness of mixing’, which has been a theme in the work of Dr Chamion Caballero and Professor Lola Young (and was commented on in the Mixed Britannia series), challenging the essentialised accounts at this time of ‘mixed race’ families as dysfunctional and marginalised.