Timeline 1900 – 2024


Intermix was formed in 1999 by Sharron Hall who is herself mixed-race and wanted an organisation for mixed-race individuals run by mixed race individuals. She was concerned at the lack of balanced portrayals of mixed race families and individuals in the public arena and the fact that many organisations were encouraging parents to describe their mixed race children as black.

Sharron formed Intermix to address this imbalance by acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of mixed race individuals and their families, past and present, and shifting attitudes in the wider society from seeing the mixed race experience as an issue to that of its positive contribution towards a more harmonious society.

Her concern to see mixed-race individuals represent themselves has made many more people aware of the mixed-race experience and provided a global perspective rather than a parochial British black and white one. This is reflected in the international membership of the Intermix website and the fact that in 2011 its content was officially archived by the British Library.