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Mix-d: Face

Hosted by Manchester based social enterprise Mix-d: in collaboration with Boss model management, Harvey Nichols and Vidal Sassoon, the ‘Mixed-Race’ Model competition sought to find the ‘mixed-race face’ of 2010’. The competition was the first time a modelling event was aimed directly at those from mixed racial backgrounds.

The event was held on the 30th October 2010 at the Monastery in Manchester. The winners of the catwalk competition were offered an opportunity to secure a modelling contract with Boss Model agency. The aim of the contest was to raise funding for the ‘Mix-d: Professionals’ Pack’ aimed at increasing understanding of current issues facing young people of mixed racial heritage.

Bradley Lincoln, founder of Mix-d comments “Over the last couple of years we have worked to
remove the awkward silence around this subject and the event is an extension of the work we
do, we’re excited to provide a new platform for mixed-race people to be present in the fashion