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Tamed and Shabby Tiger (1968)

Tamed and Shabby Tiger is a 1967 BBC documentary by Selwyn Roderick which documented the feelings of residents of Butetown towards the extensive demolition and redevelopment of their area. Several racially mixed families and people featured in the documentary, including Olive Salaman of Cairo Cafe and the singer Shirley Bassey.

The Independent describes how Selwyn was just in time to witness the demolition of the area formerly known as Tiger Bay and calls the documentary Selwyn’s crowing achievement, ‘an affectionate portrait of a neighbourhood known for its multicultural mix and thriving pub and street-corner culture, then at its last gasp’.

In 2007, the BBC broadcast a follow up documentary ‘Where’s That Tiger Now?’ in which Sian Roderick, Selwyn’s daughter, returns to Butetown to find out what happened to those who featured in her father’s programme, including Olive Salaman, then aged 84.